We offer excellent solutions for even the most unique needs and applications. For extra high exhaust volumes and/or temperatures, or for challenging applications, allow Ascent Systems to work with you. We have furnished solutions on projects ranging from lawn mowers to jet turbine engines.

Built for Versatility

Since our inception, we've designed and installed systems for many types of custom applications, including:

- Municipal Facilities
- Facilities with Bridge Cranes
- Bus Facilities
- Vocational Tech Facilities

- High Reach Systems for Vertical Stack Service Centers
- Pick ups and Fleet
- Custom High-capacity Requirements


Custom Solutions

Because every service facility is unique

Our customized solutions have been used in applications including ATVs/UTVs, snow cats, high capacity engine training stations. These applications often demand creative thinking, in order to meet the needs of unique challenges. We have the capability to design and manufacture systems that address a wide variety of custom requirements.



All-in-One Kit

The self-contained, easy-to-install, quick exhaust solution

This self-contained exhaust kit includes an exhaust fan, a Holster/Hose, and a Tailpipe Adapter. It's available as either wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted. 


Boom Arms

Longer reach, more coverage

Recommended for applications with bridge cranes or other obstacles. Boom arms provide easy placement and movement around parked vehicles, as well as an extended reach (up to a 40’ radius) of coverage. The pivot provides 180º of rotation. The Vacuum Holster (or conventional hosedrop) is mounted on a trolley that slides back and forth along the length of the arm.  Standard arms lengths are 10’, 15’, and 20’. 


Perfect for Agriculture Facilities

Compatible with a wide range of equipment

Agricultural maintenance facilities are an excellent application for Fleet Service Vacuum Holsters. These vehicles present challenges in how to connect to the exhaust stack, and we have created innovative solutions for this need. 

We also offer a kit in which one fleet service Vacuum Holster and a smaller exhaust fan are suspended from the same wall bracket.  This greatly minimizes the size of the ductwork, and reduces its interference within the facility.