For 15 years Ascent Systems has designed and installed systems for diesel applications including national fleets, heavy construction, and agricultural facilities. Our source-capture systems are versatile, made with quality components, and the most effective method of protecting your technicians from unhealthy exhaust fumes.


Easy to Use

Quick extension, simple attachment

The Vacuum Holster™ offers simple and easy operation for service technicians. The exhaust hose is flexible and easy to maneuver, and provides excellent coverage. It’s simple to attach the tailpipe adapter to any vehicle, and its rubber boot and attachment device will not scratch vehicles. Whether in a fixed-mounted configuration or used in conjunction with the Apex Rail, the Vacuum Holster uses the suction of the exhaust fan to assist in retracting the exhaust hose into the Hose Holster.

A closed damper utilizes the negative pressure that restricts airflow into the hose. This pressure assists in retraction of the hose and tailpipe adapter into the hose holster for storage. This makes it easy to retract and creates a clean, professional facility appearance. And our unique Remote Start option give technicians ability to start/stop the exhaust fan from each bay. 


Built for Versatility

Since our inception, we've designed and installed systems for many types of fleet applications, including:

- Municipal Facilities
- Facilities with Bridge Cranes
- Bus Facilities
- Vocational Tech Facilities

- High Reach Systems for Vertical Stack Service Centers
- Pick ups and Fleet
- Custom High-capacity Requirements

Health & Safety

Protect your service personnel

Don’t accept harmful fumes in your facility. The most effective solution is to capture contaminants at the emission source with a source-capture emissions removal system. Make sure your fleet service facility has an effective and easy-to-use product to remove unhealthy exhaust fumes. Your personnel’s health directly affects your business’ productivity.

Diesel fumes have been elevated from a Class 2A (probable cause) to a Group 1 (known carcinogen) by the World Health Organization.



Custom Solutions

Because every service facility is unique

Our fleet service Vacuum Holsters have been used in applications including ATVs/UTVs, snow cats, and high capacity engine training stations. These applications often demand creative thinking, in order to meet the needs of unique challenges. We have the capability to design and manufacture systems that address a wide variety of custom requirements.


Boom Arms

Longer reach, more coverage

Recommended for applications with bridge cranes or other obstacles. Boom arms provide easy placement and movement around parked vehicles, as well as an extended reach (up to a 40’ radius) of coverage. The pivot provides 180º of rotation. The Vacuum Holster (or conventional hosedrop) is mounted on a trolley that slides back and forth along the length of the arm.  Standard arms lengths are 10’, 15’, and 20’. 


Perfect for Agriculture Facilities

Capable with a wide range of equipment

Agricultural maintenance facilities are an excellent application for Fleet Service Vacuum Holsters. These vehicles present challenges in how to connect to the exhaust stack, and we have created innovative solutions for this need. 

We also offer a kit in which one fleet service Vacuum Holster and a smaller exhaust fan are suspended from the same wall bracket.  This greatly minimizes the size of the ductwork, and reduces its interference within the facility (see All-in-One Kit below). 


All-in-One Kit

The self-contained, easy-to-install, quick exhaust solution

This self-contained exhaust kit includes an exhaust, a Holster/Hose, and a Tailpipe Adapter. It's available as either wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted. 


Energy Savings

While other systems may offer dampers as accessories, only the Vacuum Holster requires the operator to close the damper in order to retract the exhaust hose. This means that out-of-use hoses do not exhaust heated/cooled air, resulting in lower energy costs.
The heat loss—and consequent utility expenses—that can occur because of undampered hose drops can be surprisingly high, especially for fleet service facilities.  

Truly Affordable

The Vacuum Holster system is competitively priced with budget-friendly systems, while offering high quality components and an aesthetically pleasing appearance. 


Simple to Maintain

Unlike hose reels, the Vacuum Holster contains very few moving parts and mechanical components. Unlike in-floor systems, no periodic cleaning is necessary, and all components are easily accessible. By using the suction of the exhaust fan to retract out-of-use hoses, there are fewer components that might require repair or replacement.