We have extensive experience servicing the unique needs of military applications. Most are  higher capacities—often requiring higher CFM flow rates, higher temperature equipment, and 8” diameter exhaust hoses that allow airflow of 1,400 CFM per drop. We also typically specify larger, belt-driven, high temperature exhaust fans.

Additionally, the Vacuum Holster™ is advantageous due to its simple installation and smaller size. Compared to hose reels, there is more space for other equipment between the garage doors.


Easy to Use

The Vacuum Holster™ offers simple and easy operation for service technicians. The exhaust hose is flexible and easy to maneuver, and provides excellent coverage. It’s simple to attach the tailpipe adapter (fits up to 8" tailpipes) to any vehicle, and its rubber boot and attachment device will not scratch vehicles.  Fleet service Vacuum Holster are available in either a fixed-mounted configuration or in conjunction with the Apex Rail.   

Each Vacuum Holster includes an airflow damper.  When the damper is closed, the suction of the exhaust fan assists in retracting the exhaust hose into the Hose Holster. This makes it easy to retract and a clean, professional facility appearance.


Built for Versatility

Since our inception, we've designed and installed systems for many types of military applications.

- Army TEMFs
- Air Force Bases
- National Guard Facilities



Health & Safety

Protect your service personnel

Don’t accept harmful fumes in your facility. The most effective solution is to capture contaminants at the emission source with a source-capture emissions removal system. Make sure your fleet service facility has an effective and easy-to-use product to remove unhealthy exhaust fumes. Your personnel’s health directly affects your business’ productivity.

Diesel fumes have been elevated from a Class 2A (probable cause) to a Group 1 (known carcinogen) by the World Health Organization



Energy Savings

While other systems may offer dampers as accessories, only the Vacuum Holster requires the operator to close the damper in order to retract the exhaust hose. This means that out-of-use hoses do not exhaust heated/cooled air, resulting in lower energy costs.
The heat loss—and consequent utility expenses—that can occur because of undampered hose drops can be surprisingly high, especially in military facilities.

An Ascent Systems rep can quantify the heat loss that would arise with an undampered system, and can estimate the energy savings that would result from a dampered system. Just let us know the parameters of your proposed system, and we can produce an estimate! 


All-in-One Kit

The self-contained, easy-to-install, quick exhaust solution

This self-contained exhaust kit includes an exhaust, a Holster/Hose, and a Tailpipe Adapter. It's available as either wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted. 




The Vacuum Holster system is competitively priced with budget-friendly systems, but still offers high quality components and an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Compared to hosereels, there is much less installation expense, and there are also reduced maintenance and repair costs.  

Simple Installation

High-capacity Vacuum Holsters can be suspended from one simple angle iron or unit-strut bracket. Compared to hosereels, there is far less bracing, resulting in reduced installation expense and also creating space for other equipment in the service area.