This is the industry's most innovative exhaust removal system. 


The Vacuum Holster’s unique design exceeds typical exhaust removal systems with an unsurpassed ease of use, more professional appearance, and lasting value. 

For all applications, our systems have two options:


The Original
Vacuum Holster

The Original Vacuum Holster offers simple and easy operation for service technicians.  It’s simple to attach the tailpipe adapter to any vehicle, and its rubber boot and attachment device will not scratch vehicles. Its innovative design uses the suction of the exhaust fan to assist in retracting the exhaust hose into the Hose Holster storage cylinder.


The Apex Rail

When used in conjunction with the Apex Rail, the Vacuum Holster is mounted on a sliding trolley that can be moved along the length of a horizontal rail. This approach enables fewer hosedrops while still covering the maintenance area. The Apex Rail provides the best appearance, flexibility, and functionality.