Popular Product Options

Remote Start

Allow your technicians to start the exhaust fan from each individual bay. Save time and energy by enabling your exhaust fan to be turned on/off wirelessly from each service bay.  This feature helps ensure the exhaust fan is run only when needed, saving energy and prolonging the life of the motor.  Includes wireless transmitter and receiver.

Exhaust Reels

In addition to the Vacuum Holster, Ascent Systems offers hosereels, which using a spring rewind mechanical to retract the exhaust hose around a drum. The hose reel can either be fixed-mounted with the service area, or it can be incorporated into an Apex Rail system, with moving hose reels.

Boom Arms

Ideal for service areas with bridge cranes, boom arms also provide easy placement and movement around parked vehicles, as well as an extended reach (up to a 40’ radius) of coverage. The Vacuum Holster (or conventional hosedrop) is mounted on a trolley that slides back and forth along the length of the arm. Standard arms lengths are 10’, 15’, and 20’.